Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Butte standouts moving on: Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore, a Pleasant Valley High grad, chose a different path. The reigning GVC's Most Valuable Player passed up offers from smaller schools for a chance to walk-on at UC Santa Barbara.

Moore had offers from schools such as Lewis and Clark, Pacific (Ore.) and some schools in the Midwest region and some schools back east, Butte men's basketball coach Russ Critchfield said.

The Roadrunners coach added Moore has a good chance of becoming a player for the Gauchos.
"They're going to give him a good look down there. They had an interest. They liked him on film," Critchfield said. "He's accepted, and he's going to try to take down a spot. He chose the challenge."

Of course, by walking on, Moore won't have anything handed to him.

"No guarantees," Critchfield said, "but I wouldn't bet against him."

Butte's opponents wouldn't either most likely. The nearly 6-foot-5, 210-pound player came on strong in conference play as he earned MVP honors. He led Butte, which went 9-1 in GVC play, in several categories including conference scoring.

"He was getting more aggressive on offense, looking to score," Critchfield explained. "After Christmas, we sat down and talked.  He had to step up and almost be a little more selfish."
One of the traits that the Gauchos liked about Moore is his versatility, Critchfield said. 

Moore can contribute on both ends of the floor, where he can play as both a perimeter player with a medium-range game or inside as his knack for getting rebounds and drawing contact comes in handy.  His defensive assignments were also just as varied sometimes guarding bigger players.

"He really improved as he gained more confidence," Critchfield said.   

Friday, June 24, 2011

Taran Brown highlight 2011


Interview with Tom Hastings, UCSB Executive Associate Athletics Director

With the recent hiring of the Gaucho Women's basketball head coach and assistant coaches, the baseball head coach, and the men's basketball assistant coach, the UCSB Athletics Department has been a whirlwind of activity.  Tom Hastings, Executive Associate AD, External Affairs, was kind enough to check in with Gaucho Hoops during this very busy off-season.  We touched on a variety of topics, and here is a recap: 

Gaucho Hoops (GH):  The men's volleyball had a magical run that just fell short in the national championship final, against long odds.  What can we learn from that? 

Tom Hastings (TH):  Our expectations for that team last year were really high. We felt that with our coaching staff and the 8 seniors we had, that we were poised all year to make that run. I think, more than anything else, it re-energized our volleyball community and our alumni base. Certainly it has sparked some interest on the recruiting trail as well and we hope that our coaches can capitalize on that.

GH:  Speaking of national championships, the hosting of soccer's College Cup at Harder Stadium was a resounding success.  Are there plans for UCSB to host College Cups in the future?  Can you expand on the benefits to UCSB Athletics and the Santa Barbara community in hosting the Cup? 

TH: We are certainly interested in hosting the Cup again. At this point we are waiting for the NCAA to open the bidding process for 2012 and beyond which, we are told, should happen in the fall. The benefits to the community and our University were several:
  • Out of town visitors brought in, we think somewhere close to $1-million in economic impact.
  • Having UCSB and Santa Barbara showcased on ESPN is exposure you just can’t get anywhere else. And when you get an 80+ degree day on December 12, people really take notice of just how beautiful and special Santa Barbara and this campus is.
GH:  Since the interview with Mark Massari <click here>, UCSB has implemented some marketing ideas to enhance the "Loco" experience.  With the help of another Big West championship, are we seeing higher attendance, more donations, and increased fan interest, also?  Can we expect a return of Thunder to the Thunderdome? 

TH: We will always work to increase fan interest and donor involvement. They are paramount to the future success of our department, particularly in this time of unprecedented crisis in the UC system. Our Gaucho Fund donors responded this year with the highest ever level of annual giving. Its truly incredible when the overwhelming majority of our donors are not UCSB alums. We think they support us because we run a clean, sound department and have terrific young men and women who compete at the highest levels.

In specific terms of the ‘Loco’ experience. We will continue to offer special promotions, incentives and opportunities for our students. Ask every one of our student-athletes and they will tell you just how much of a bump they get from a packed crowd. When the Thunderdome is rocking, there is no place like that and Locos make the difference. We want that at all of our venues.

GH:  Have the successive runs into the NCAA's raised UCSB's visibility from a national perspective?  What can fans do to maximize the momentum of our recent success in men's basketball? 

TH: There is no doubt that men’s basketball’s visibility has raised our National profile. It also boosts the school pride of everyone at UCSB, from current students to alumni. I think for fans to maximize it, they need to come and watch us play, get involved and really understand what we are about.

GH:  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to discuss Gaucho athletics, Tom.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Williams Adds Ryan Madry to Complete Coaching Staff

It's official: 


Is Ryan Madry the new Gaucho men's basketball assistant coach?

Rumor on the Gaucholocos message board is that Ryan Madry has just been hired as the new UCSB men's basketball Assistant Coach.  Ryan previously served as the Director of Basketball Operations for the CSF Titans program.  There have been no confirming official press releases, but expect one soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Video of UCSB 2012 recruit Delante Dunklin


Delante Dunklin interview:


Scout: 2012 recruit Delante Dunklin

Schools of Interest:
SchoolInterest LevelOffer? Visit DateSigned LOI?
Boise State Med Interest No None
Cal Poly Med Interest Yes None
Fairfield Med Interest No None
Harvard Med Interest No None
Pennsylvania Med Interest No None
San Diego Med Interest Yes None
Santa Barbara Med Interest Yes None
Yale Med Interest No None

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hanging out with Nate "Boogie" Garth

This is another exclusive Gaucho Hoops interview, this time with Nate Garth, a junior-to-be point guard next season for the UCSB men's basketball team.  Nate redshirted last season after transferring in from the University of New Mexico, where he was a member of the 09-10 Lobos team which advanced to the second round of the NCAA playoffs.

Gaucho Hoops (GH):  Nate, how's the spring quarter going?  How are your classes?

Nate Garth (NG):  Spring quarter is good.  I'm finishing up ge [general education] courses so I can get into my major, which is anthropology.  I'm on track for a 3.0 [gpa], so I'm crossing my fingers hoping I do well on my finals.

GH:  That's great to hear that you're on track academically, Nate.   On to basketball, Coach Williams said offseason workouts are going well, and that your game has picked up, and that you are physically stronger.  Also, that your hip is good.  Can you comment further on what Coach has observed?

NG:  Spring quarter has been awesome. Everyone has progressed on the court and in the weight room. We were challenged this spring to work hard and we succeeded. Greg [Somogyi] and Kyle [Boswell] have made huge gains; Troy's [Leaf] body has changed and his athleticism is coming around.  Will's [Brew] jumpshot has improved, and yes--I'm fully healthy.

GH:  What skill sets are you personally focusing on?

NG:  This offseason I've focused alot on catch-and-shoot.  My off-the-dribble shot is solid, but getting my shot quicker off the catch is one of my focuses. The other is my footwork and inside game. Guards in this league [Big West Conference] are small so I've been working on my back-to-the-basket game as well.

GH:  Sounds like you're expanding your overall game--that's great to hear.  Nate, describe your typical weekly schedule with workouts and in the classroom.

NG:  I have classes 10-1 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I have my weight workouts Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We have open gyms Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I get in and shoot with Coach Bromley when I can.  I also shoot on my own or with OJ [Orlando Johnson] whenever I find time.  I'm a gym rat; I don't miss an opportunity to workout.

GH:  Where do you believe you've improved the most?  What area is still a work-in-progress?

NG:  I think I've improved physically; my body is noticeably different.  I've always been naturally skinny but now I'm more cut and with added strength, it has allowed me to get to the basket easier.

GH:  Who on the team has the best vertical jump?  Who is the fastest sprinter?  Who's the biggest jokester?

NG:  Tony Williams is definitely the best jumper we have.  I think I'm the fastest, and as for the jokester, it's a toss up between Orlando, Will and me.  haha.

GH:  As a point guard, what do you try to achieve on offense and defense?

NG:  As a up 'n down pg [point guard], I like to get out and run, get easy baskets and open looks.  I like NBA-style offense that includes misdirection plays, isos [isolations], and ball screens.  On defense, I like to get up in people and play contain d [defense] with the other 4 guys in help [defense]. With this team, I think we can press too.

GH:  Recognized as one of the team leaders, who hasn't played in an official Gaucho game yet, what kind of leader are you?  Are you vocal, or do you quietly lead by example?

NG:  I'm a vocal guy. I'm a tough leader though, because I'm thick-skinned and hard-nosed.  I have worked on being more positive too.  lol.

GH:  You roomed with seniors JJ [Justin Joyner] and Jon [Pastorek] last year.  Who are your roomies next year?

NG:  This upcoming year I'm looking for a solo studio and if not, I expect to be roomates with Will.

GH:  How is this team different than last year's, based on your observations?

NG:  This year's team will be much more athletic and be able to play faster.  I think Coach is leaning toward an uptempo style offense and an aggressive attack defense. Right, Coach?  lol

GH:  What makes next year's team stand out?

NG:  Next year's team will have depth at each position.  We will have battles in practices and be alot more competitive, making everyone perform at the highest level.

GH:  How would coaches describe your game?  What about your game that most fans don't know about yet?

NG:  I think coaches recognize my ability to make plays.  They would say I'm aggressive and I take chances. High risk, high reward.  Very unselfish, and I keep my teammates involved while getting my own [points].  Definitely a winner!  Fans:  just a heads up--I'm a flashy guy, so be ready to get off your chairs.

GH:  What's your favorite IV [Isla Vista] restaurant to grub tough?

NG:  I like Deja Vu--they have my favorite shrimp basket, burgers and more. Sams To Go is good, too.

GH:  What dish do you miss the most from home?

NG:  I miss my mom's mac n cheese.

GH:  Thanks for the interview, Nate, and best of luck to you.

NG:  You're welcome, man, anytime...

To see Nate's blog, go to http://ngarth.blogspot.com/ .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 10 Surf Colleges

In another non-basketball but Gaucho-related topic too important to exclude, here is a Surfer poll on top (surfing) colleges: