Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Sow ready to shine this year for UCSB

UCSB Coach Joe Pasternack on Scheduling

Here's a brief interview with UCSB Men's Basketball Head Coach Joe Pasternack on the upcoming season and scheduling.

Coach Joe Pasternack ("JP"):   

The team cannot leave the state.  Also, other teams can't travel into the state without undergoing a 14 day quarantine.  Hence, teams cancelled games--with no repercussions, because of COVID protocols.

These codes were in place since last March and April.

The St. Mary's game buy amount was reduced to $35K from $75K, so we pushed the game out to next year.  That was a wise financial decision.

UTA broke their contract for a return game.  See above on COVID restrictions.

Southern Utah broke their contract for a return game.

The UCSB staff contacted USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, SJSU, FSU, SCU, USF, USD.  None of them are on our schedule.  SDSU had scheduling conflicts.

There are two games scheduled against Div. 1 teams:
Dec 19  Pepperdine
Dec 12 LMU

FGCU and FAM cancelled on us.

UCSB cannot leave the state to play, or fly in a team to play us.  Teams cannot drive in from out of state.

If a player gets sick with COVID, the whole program has to shut down for 14 days.  The players are living individually and following strict protocol.

They are practicing, and getting tested for COVID 3 times a week."