Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Nate Garth left the Lobos

...and why he is transferring to the Gauchos. The former Lobo is a class act, parting on good terms with UNM coach Steve Alford and the Lobo basketball program. His desire to be closer to home and to have an increased role with a solid program prompted his decision to transfer to UCSB.

"I really like Santa Barbara though, nice facilities, nice city, good coach, close to home."
- Nate Garth

NCAA transfer regulations stipulate that he is not eligible to play next year, but he can still practice with the team as a redshirt. While he won't be able to play in games until the 2011 - 2012 season, his impact will be immediate as he increases the level of play in practice sessions. The whole team will benefit as they all improve their skill sets. A team that practices hard, plays hard in games.

Nate will be a great addition to the Gaucho basketball program. I have a feeling Mr. Garth will be a fan favorite among the Gaucholocos.

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