Sunday, July 11, 2010

Orlando Johnson vs. Nate Garth in SF Pro Am

I put this video on DailyMotion because it is longer than 10 minutes, but the quality is not as good. Pardon the commercial as well.

Orlando Johnson (#3 in white) scores from the perimeter and in the post, including a couple "And-1's". Nate Garth (#7 in light blue) has 6 or 7 assists within a 10-minute span (he could have had more had his teammates made more shots), and also knocks down a couple 3-point shots. Nate also drives by his defender a few times. Both end up guarding each other on a few possessions. The future looks bright for the Gaucho program.


Anonymous said...

i believe youtube uped the limit to 15 just recently. (just fyi for future videos)

Gaucho Greg said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll check to see if I can upload longer videos on youtube.