Saturday, November 2, 2013

Notes from October 31, 2013 preseason practice

Emphasis on 3 things in practice yesterday, after their scrimmage against USC:

1) be smart
2) be tough, be physical
3) do your job

4 x 4 drills emphasize spacing (without the 5, and on-ball screens).

Emphasize ball reversals (track possessions with 3 or more passes).  Studies show ball reversals increase field goal percentage by X%.  You'll have to ask Coach for that number (not sure I can reveal it).

Shooting drills:  Bryson!  Bos!  Brown!  Green!  Hart!

Green hit 6 in a row from the right corner.  Bryson hit 8 in a row from the right wing.  Hart hit 9 in a row from the right corner.  Check out what he did in casual 2-on-2 from the perimeter against Brown after practice.  He probably has the best release on the team already.  My opinion only.

Coach has in the past mentioned Nunnally and Somogyi had the best release on previous teams.  Bos' shot is so effective the coaches decided to not mess with it.  His guide hand is behind the ball, but his right wrist action is perfect.

Brown will be more aggressive on drives this year.  Book it.

On ball reversals, the pass should be received above the shoulders so the recipient can make strong moves.  There is more emphasis on fundamentals--the little things.  One-handed passes are discouraged.

No team captains as of yet.  Bos leads by example.  Al is the voice of the team.  Green will be once he gets court time.  Zalmico has natural leadership instincts.  Childress knows how to play, has a tight handle, sees the passing lanes, and had a better shot than I anticipated, altho it can be flat.  He and Z are battling, getting better.  They are competing on court, but best friends off the court.  Z is helping Childress improve:  junior mentor to true freshman.

Al was running a lot, keeping up his conditioning.  Z has a bandaged right thumb (dislocated).

Coach is hard on the team when they have mental lapses.  Veterans are singled out because they can take the tough coaching.

Yoga stretches are done after practice to prevent injuries.

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