Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quotes on 2014 UCSB Signee Ami Lakoju, from Coach Drew Gladstone

This is a direct quote from current St. Luke's School head basketball coach Drew Gladstone about Ami Lakoju.  He is a former trainer in the Connecticut area.
I actually just got the job at Ami's high school right as he graduated. With that being said, I am a trainer in the area and I happened to work with Ami over the past year so I can speak a little from that standpoint. Ami is first and foremost a class act off the court. A great kid with a heart as big as he is that will be an amazing addition in terms of character for the Gauchos. On the court, Ami is going to accept and embrace his role and do everything he can to help the team. A defensive minded player, Ami has a great defensive presence, great timing on blocked shots, and is going to do what it takes to help his team win. A total win for the UCSB program.

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