Sunday, October 1, 2023

UCSB Women's Basketball Practice Notes, 9-27-23

Overall, the losses of Ila and Alexis Tucker to Cal and FSU, respectively, will hurt the post positions.  We will definitely be more perimeter-oriented, driving and dishing to the open 3 either strong side or weak side.  Just from observing, Alexis Whitfield, has a ton of upside, as she's the fastest player among the bigs by far, and she's got a mean crossover.  Just overall, super athletic and explosive, yet her numbers so far haven't indicated that potential.  She's a senior this year, and with the other two post players gone, this could be her breakout season, as long as she remains focused and consistent.

Jessica Grant is firing on all cylinders again with the 3 point shot, and her team won 90% of the shooting competitions.  Kanani Coon also has a sweet jumper, but I'm not sure if she is in the rotation.  Marin, Burke, Grant could be the starters on the perimeter, which means we will be small.  Anya Choice just seems too athletic to not start, so I'm not sure what the starting backcourt will look like.  The frontcourt is not fixed either, altho the experienced players will probably have a leg up with the system.

The perimeter game will be much more emphasized, but the Gaucho ladies still need to finish inside and defend the paint.  Coach Bonnie Hendrickson will earn her stripes this season.

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