Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Thunder in the Thunderdome

The 2009 - 2010 was by all measures a successful season as the Gauchos won the Big West regular season and Big West Tournament championships for men's basketball. The result was an automatic invitation to the big dance, the NCAA playoffs.

The team returns most of its key players, losing only seniors James Powell and Paul Roemer. Two outstanding incoming high school recruits Troy Leaf and Kyle Boswell will step in to replace the departing seniors.

Hopefully, this will boost fan interest and attendance at the Thunderdome next season, as the Gauchos attempt to continue their winning ways. To get a glimpse of what a sold-out Thunderdome looks, feels, and sounds like, watch the following video of the UNC game from 2008. The Tarheels went on to win the 2009 NCAA National Championship that season, and the Gauchos were able to remain competitive for most of the game due to the awesome crowd support. The Gauchos will be good again--come out and support them next season and join the fun. Go Gaucholocos!

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