Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keegan Hornbuckle highlights

Potential UCSB recruit Keegan Hornbuckle has a highlight video from his AAU and Campbell Hall high school basketball games. The former Colorado University 6'7" freshman forward is rumored to be transferring to UCSB.



Anonymous said...

This is a better highlight reel, although I could do without the free throws. It shows that he has a mid range and long range jump shooting game, but apparently no post moves. He should be pretty decent in transition.

Gaucho Greg said...

anonymous, yes I agree he possesses a nice jumper for a 6'7" guard/forward. He looks and plays like a 3, altho he may be used as a 4 on occasion, like Chris Devine or Mark Hull. Devine was more of a 3, but notice his production picked up when he was shifted to a 4 (out of necessity), because he was then quicker than most opposing 4's. What he gave up in size and strength, he more than made up for in quickness. Against other BW teams, that could be an advantage, but against a legit high-major power, rebounding becomes an issue. If Hornbuckle is going to optimize his effectiveness, he will have to gain some strength in his redshirt season to bang inside, in addition to playing the perimeter and shooting the 3. Hull excelled in Coach Williams' offense, despite being out-physicaled at times.

Again, thanks for your comments.

Stork said...

To me, we've "proved" that we can be the best in our conference and now we should be trying to actually do some damage in the NCAA tournament. So, I'm not high on the concept of a Devine player that is over-matched against high major competition, even though he was an absolute stud for us and I loved him. OTOH, if we can get someone to hit 7 or 8 three pointers against U of A in the NCAA's I would be OK with that result.

Gaucho Greg said...

Stork, actually, many good players do play in positions that aren't best suited for their skills, due to necessity. Ivan Elliott, for example, had a good case for playing out of position, as he wanted to play the 3, was probably best suited for the 4 (he was a good rebounder), but was forced to play the 5 for the Gauchos, because we had a dearth of solid post players. But at the end of the day, we need good players, period, even if they are 'tweeners, like Devine. Agreed, having him or Nunnally at the 4 was an advantage against Big West opponents, due to their quickness and perimeter games, but against the likes of Ohio State, we gave up too much size and strength down low (OSU wasn't that tall of a team either, for a high-major program). But players like Devine and Nunnally are versatile enough to play several positions, Nunnally at the 2, 3, or 4, with Devine, able to play the 3, 4, or even 5 when the Gauchos went small. In my opinion, we need MORE players like Devine, not fewer. Guys like him end up playing somewhere because they are flat out good basketball players, whether we label them forwards, wings, or post players.

Thanks for the insightful comments.