Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nate Garth highlights

This is a highlight video of UCSB transfer point guard Nate Garth as a high school player at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, TX.



Anonymous said...

not blown away. maybe it's just the video but he doesn't look particularly fast, his drives were not dazzling, he doesn't seem particularly athletic and his highlight reel features a banked in straight away jumper.

Gaucho Greg said...

to anonymous, a few points:
1) this video was 3 years ago, and he won't play for another year. So he will have 4 years of improvement on speed and strength. He'll be a 4th-year junior in college before he gets on the court, while that video was shot when he was in high school.
2) he was quick enough to get around his opponents and finished with either hand.
3) he has extended his range to 25 feet
4) he has increased his strength
5) his defense has improved.
Overall, he will be one of the better point guards in the BW, a bonafide high-major talent in a mid-major, but rising program.
You make valid points and I appreciate your comments.