Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 preview for Justin Joyner

This was last year's preview of Justin Joyner:

After redshirting due to a broken wrist the season before, 6'0" senior point guard Justin Joyner was eager to return to the hard court last season. However, he was slowed down by another injury his junior season, this time a lingering ankle sprain. While he never really got untracked due to the ankle, Joyner was still able to maintain a high assist-to-turnover ratio, one of the true measuring sticks for a point guard. In fact, Joyner again led the Gauchos with a ratio of 46 assists and 22 turnovers.

If Joyner can return to the pre-injury standards he set his freshman and sophomore seasons, look for his teammates to have even higher production. When Joyner is at 100% health, he makes his teammates better, and the Gauchos will be that much tougher to unseat as Big West champions.


Unknown said...

Hey DK, any word from the inside on JJ's offense? His judgement has always been excellent and defense solid. Lack of offensive weaponry limits JJ however. If he has developed even a decent jumper, and stays healthy, the Gauchos can actually improve upon last year's success.

Gaucho Greg said...

Greg, no inside word on JJ's health, but his ankle should be 100% healed by now. His wrist may never be 100%, and I don't expect him to be a 3 point specialist, but all he needs to do is knock down the occasional outside jumper to keep defenders honest. More importantly, he needs to be able to penetrate and create offense for his teammates. I'll report anything I find out. Thanks.