Sunday, November 28, 2010

Timeout with Nate Boogie: I'm back

On his surgery:

Being in this wheelchair has helped me appreciate life more and value opportunities people take for granted everyday. But hey no one or nothing will stop boogie cuz I'm still smiling babyyyyyy. The best is yet to come. I've gotten a chance to watch a lot of ball and I am learning so much of the game that I need to incorporate before heading to the next level.

On recent Gaucho games:

So since I've been gone we have been 1-1, moving our record to a whopping 2-3. Inconsistent play stands out looking at the record and it's becoming a major issue. From speaking to players we have some toughness issues that need to be addressed asap. We handled Fresno state at home, led by orlandos huge performance of 35 points. He scored in every way possible shooting at a high clip 13-18. I wasn't there in physical but there in spirit. Our defense made progress in that game forcing turnovers and sticking to the script our trademark defense. Big Greg caught a nasty lob, I see you big G. We were rolling, taking the momentum to Portland before being slapped in the face by a hot shooting pilot team. Scouting report on Portland, they can SHOOT, the whole world knows and they did just that knocking down 12 3pointers. We got off to a slow start and trailed at half 37-15. Being down on the road is tough and takes a total team effort to mount a comeback. We climbed back in but I don't know too many teams who can recover from more turnovers than points at halftime. We were led by James nunnaly who had a solid 22 and 11, Orlando right behind with 18. It's frustrating to see my team struggle like this, no leadership and no toughness will get you nowhere. We as a team must come together and shake this off to have a better December before heading into conference. I can most certainly gaurantee to provide that spark and leadership role as soon as I hit the floor. I will promise you gaucho fans that when I return next year with the help of coaches and my teammates, I will bring prestige and dominance back to sb. Now gaucho fans stay positive it's a long year, we will hit our stride. Come check us out this wednsday in the thunder dome at 7 as we take on Orlando's former LMU team.

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