Monday, December 20, 2010

Jerry Tarkanian: "We also had our hands full with UC Santa Barbara"

This is an interesting perspective from Jerry Tarkanian, coach of 1990 national champion UNLV Runnin' Rebels team.

Here’s some good news for Rebel fans upset about Wednesday’s loss to UC Santa Barbara: They also beat us the year we won the national championship.

People always ask me where is the toughest place to play, hoping I would say somewhere such as Kentucky. But the toughest place to play in my opinion was Santa Barbara. They beat us in Santa Barbara that year.

It was just nuts when the Rebels would come to town. The students would stay up all night waiting to get in. They were absolutely wild and so loud. You couldn’t take a timeout because the players couldn’t hear you talk over the noise.

Santa Barbara had more going for it that the fans. Led by coach Jerry Pimm, it was a solid program. His assistants were Ben Howland, the UCLA coach, and Jamie Dixon, who is at Pittsburgh. That was just an outstanding staff.

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