Thursday, August 11, 2011

Torch and Flag Bearers selected for Team USA!
USA Athletes will march into Shenzhen Bay Stadium tomorrow to officially begin the 2011 World University Games.   USA Head of Delegation Dr. Gary Cunningham announced that Men’s Basketball player Orlando Johnson will lead USA Athletes as the official Flag Bearer.   Johnson plays guard at University of California, Santa Barbara.  Johnson was selected out of over 400 athletes on the USA Team.  “It’s unbelievable. I was proud to make the basketball team and to play for my country, and now to carry the flag and lead the U.S. delegation feels real special. I feel very honored.” Said Johnson.  More than 140 countries are represented in the 2011 Universiade and each has designated a Flag Bearer to lead their country. “I just hope I don’t fall. I hope that I can help bring honor to my country and hold the flag high and hold it proud. I’m definitely looking forward to it, walking out with the rest of the athletes who are all here to compete and do our best.” Said Johnson.  The games officially begin tomorrow and Opening Ceremonies kicks off at 7:30pm China time.

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