Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 1st Annual YAF All-Star Classic WAS TOO LIVE!!! Sick Game

2012 UCSB signee Michael Bryson participated in the YayAreasFinest 2012 First Annual All-Star game.  Footage of Bryson begins right after the one-minute mark:


Steve said...

Looking at this and other clips, it seems like he has a low release point on his jumper. I wonder if that will subject himself to getting his shot blocked. Anyway, he showed some decent handles in the limited clip, better than I had expected, actually.

Gaucho Greg said...

I'm assuming you're commenting on Michael Bryson having a low release point on his jumper. And I would agree. However, he does seem to have a pretty quick release. He's one of those players who will need to be open to take the shot, not one of those Casper Ware desperation, hero fadeaway 3's.